Facial Needling

A non-invasive way to achieve youthful, dewy looking skin.


Boost Collagen production in your skin with these therapies.

Microneedling involves pricking the top layers of the skin by using a specially designed needling pin. Designed for skin revitalization, reducing wrinkles and fine lines, acne, scars & more. Oasis also offers Plasma Microneedling (PRP)

Needling Procedures

Microneedling. Dr Pen: Lumi C

Antioxidant Serum Combination of Vitamin C & antioxidants promoting a more Youthful skin. Increasing collagen production, rming, plumping, minimizing ne lines and wrinkles, hydrates, and improves blood supply. Reduces acne and pigmentation.

Microneedling. Dr Pen: Hyaluronic Acid

Anti-aging serum to nourish, hydrate, plum and reduce ne lines and wrinkles. Boosts collagen formation & increases the cellular rate. Exfoliating the skin to reveal newer, smoother more rejuvenated skin. The serum works powerfully to reduce crow's feet, ne lines, age spots and eye bags.

Plasma needling - PRP (Vampire Facial)

PRP, short for platelet-rich plasma, is a method that has been around since the '70s, but it wasn't until the '90s that it started being used as a skin treatment. The ultimate skin treatment. Non-surgical procedure for facial and skin rejuvenation. PRP uses your own blood platelets. The PRP, needled into specic areas of the skin, act as a matrix that promotes · Stimulate new cell growth · Improve your complexion & skin texture · Plumping of the skin · Rejuvenating & Hydrate skin · Softens wrinkles · Smoother skin texture and tone · Reduces pigmentation · Improves acne scarring · Reduces age spots and under eye bags and dark circles

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